Barnards Soil Service, LLC is an agricultural services company that fills the needs of crop inputs and service for local area farmers and regional shoppers. We are striving to do better by communicating with our customers through our Internet site and bring connectivity to you.

In 1912, Arthur Barnard Sr. started in the general store business and trading livestock. In 1935, he sold his store to his daughter and son-in-law and ran for sheriff of Wayne County, IL. In the early 1940’s Estel Barnard, Arthur’s oldest son, started trucking livestock to East St. Louis to the stockyards and returning bagged fertilizers for the area farmers. In the middle 1950’s Estel formed partnership with his son, Leon, forming Estel Barnard & Son. They started buying grain and trucking it to St. Louis and still returning with fertilizer.

In 1962 they built a bulk fertilizer building and offered customer application of dry fertilizer. In 1963 they added nitrogen solution and offered custom application of nitrogen. In 1978, Estel retired and Leon took over the business, renaming it Barnards Soil Service. Leons children Gregg, Kent, Brad and Darla joined the business from 1976 to 1984. In 1986 Leon formed Quality Trucking, Inc. with his brother-in-law, Jerry Meritt, running flatbed trucks and dumps all across the U.S.

Today, Leon works with his descendants Gregg, Brad, and Darla Green in operating Barnards Soil Service, LLC. Leon still operates Quality Trucking, Inc. after purchasing his sister, Kay’s interest in March of 2000.

Barnards employs 10 full-time, and 2-4 part-time individuals which have an average of 20 years experience.